Terms Of Service

✦ If I believe a request will take longer than average then I will inform you of such and charge a small compensation. Such factors would be character complexity, specific backgrounds, or additional characters. You will be always be told if this is the case before any payment or confirmation.
✦ Full payment will be required upfront upon order confirmation. I will not start on your commission until payment is received.
✦ You may be refunded if for some reason I am unable to do the commission. You may also request a refund ONLY if I have made half progress through the piece and you will not have any rights to the progress art that I made.
✦ NO NSFW REFERENCE SHEETS. Censored versions will be accepted.
✦ I will never draw anything sexually explicit, I will also most likely decline something very suggestive.
✦ I reserve the right to decline any commission requested of me for whatever the reason may be.


✧ click on images to see full sized! ✧


Single Character - $20
Additional Characters - +$5
Simple Background - +$5
Complex Background - +10

Shading (per character)

Cell Shading - +5$
Soft Shading - +10$


Single Character - $20
Simple Background - +$5
Name/Text - +5$

Shading (per character)

Cell Shading - +5$
Soft Shading - +10$


Single Character - $20
Additional Characters - +$5
Background - +$5
Shading - +10

Reference Sheets

Reference Sheet Quote Calculator

Unique fullbody - 20$ each
Edited fullbody - 10$ each
Chibi Fullbody - 10$ each
Headshot - 10$ each
Accessories/Small detail shots no extra charge!


100$+ Base Price

Pick scene, character, pose and everything else.
Additional Characters can be 50$+

Interested in something you don't see?

Drop me a line and we'll see what we can figure out!

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